42 Form Tai Chi — a beautiful form, well worth learning

Here are a couple of additional videos of the 42-form Tai Chi.  George practices this form regularly at the entrance to Penney’s.  Tu-Thu-Sat group is learning/practicing this form.  Of course it’s longer than the 24, and there are some new, tricky steps.  Still a wonderful floating meditation once you’ve got the transitions.  Click the links below to see the videos.

Slow motion version takes 13 minutes, twice as long as the competition version that is normally practiced.  What amazing control!

This Back View uses some new music that I like.  He uses some different names for some steps.  Don’t let the calls confuse you, it’s the same form we practice at the mall.

All are welcome.  Come Tu-Thu-Sat for step-by-step breakdown.  Then jump in with George’s group for lots of practice

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