Tai Chi — you don’t have to be a master

Weberstown Walkers are blessed with multiple tai chi masters, teachers, leaders & practitioners.  We all have a lot to learn, and we all improve by practicing.  Because both Master Tam and George practice the 42 forms with their groups, I’m going over those forms in my group as well.  My goal is for everyone who is interested to feel comfortable practicing with any group that is doing a form they’ve learned, even when styles are not identical.  One version of the 42 is posted in the column to the right.

As all masters explain, understanding the the fighting moves that underlie the tai chi forms will help you to perform them more effectively.  Here’s a video with a very clear explanation of the difference — which may seem subtle, but is right at the heart (danien really) of the movements — between “play the guitar” and “raise hands.”  Take a look: 

Practice is the key.  Hope to see you at the mall soon.

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