Greetings All

Just updated the schedule page. Take a look. Let me know if I’ve missed, or messed up, anything.

Let me know — really. If you’re reading the blog, comment now and then. I get lonely out here, and then I get behind. Help please.

Weberstown Walkers are now on Facebook too. Hoping this will be another (?) easy way for you to keep up with Mall news. If you “LIKE” this new page, then updates will be sent to your Facebook page automatically.

T-shirts are still available. Some of you who already signed up have not picked up your shirts yet. Sorry, I don’t do home delivery :-). If you’re not pleased with the size you ordered, ask me about exchanges. If you haven’t signed up yet, just stop by Dillard’s when I’m there and I have the release forms.

I also have some water bottles left.

The mall asks for, and appreciates having, a signed release from ALL walkers, whether you want a T-shirt/water bottle or not. We are guests. The Mall is concerned for your safety and expects all walkers to take responsibility for themselves.

Enough for now —

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