Okay here’s one that a lot of you know from Oak Park or from dancing with Bill.

When you watch the video, you’ll see that the original steps include a full turn.  We won’t bother with that.  Of course, you can add it if you like.  I’ll include both variations in the steps.

Here they are:


Choreographed by Darren “Daz” Bailey

32 count, 2 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance
Music:A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action by Toby Keith [ Start dancing on lyrics

1-8 Walk back 2, coaster (or sailor ½ turn) – Walk up 2 (or ½ turn), kick-out-out

  • Step back on left, back on right
  • Left back, right back, left forward (or cross back left pivoting ½ to left, shuffle right/left)
  • Step forward on right, forward on left (or step on right pivoting ½ to left, step left)
  • Kick right, step right to right side, left to left side

8-16 Hitch step right & heel bounce 3 – Sway right/left/right/left

  • Right knee up/stomp down, heel bounce right
  • Heel bounce right, heel bounce right
  • Sway right, sway left
  • Sway right sway left

17-24 Behind, side, cross shuffle – rock, cross shuffle

  • Cross back right, step left,
  • cross shuffle to left (right/left/right)
  • Rock to left on left, rock back on right,
  • cross shuffle to right (left/right/left)

25-32 turn, touch-cross 2, jazz turn & kick

  • ¼ turn to right on right, tap left to left,
  • step ahead on left, tap right to right
  • Cross right forward, rock back on left,
  • ¼ turn to right on right, kick left

We’ll give this one a try this week.


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