Considering Yoga?

One thing we can’t do at the mall is floor work, because we’d need mats.

Ah, so sad, we miss so much, and I am not just talking about sit-ups.  I make up for that with a yoga class each week at the Stockton Yoga Center.  Okay, not free, but an important part of my mind-body-spirit health.

Just in case any of you have some interest in trying yoga for yourselves, the Yoga Center is offering a one-session intro class on either October 16 or November 5.  This 2-hour session costs $25.  Here’s the Yoga Center’s blurb:

Yoga Basics with Wendy

Yoga Basics two-hour class starts you on your yoga journey. Explore and learn at a comfortable pace in a supportive environment with others who are new to yoga. This class is designed to provide you with the basics so that you can feel confident and comfortable moving into a class that is right for you. You begin with a brief discussion of the historical and philosophical background of yoga. Demonstration and practice of the fundamental yoga postures. Instruction on how to combine breath and movement. Answers to frequently asked questions and misconceptions. You don’t need to be flexible, strong, or be able to quiet the mind. Simply show up and do your best. Cost $25 for new students.

Check it out.

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