“September” Line Dance

You only learn to dance by dancing.  Still, I know this kind of reference can help.

Here’s a tricky one.  Lots of turns and also a little tricky to find on the web.

At the mall I use Chris Isaak, “Dancin” (that’s how video is listed to right) but it was written to go with Dinah Washington’s “September In the Rain.”   The only video I’ve found uses a third tune I’m not familiar with.  Ah well.

Here are the steps — more detailed than the last set.  🙂


32 count/2 wall line dance
Choreographed by Doris Newell
Music:  September in the Rain by Dinah Washington
(Mall Walk music is “Dancin” by Chris Isaacs

1-8          6 count vine with 2 turns & shuffle back

  • Step side right – Cross back left
  • ½ turn right — Step side left
  • Cross back right — ½ turn left
  • Back right-left-right

8-16       rock back, shuffle forward, turn & shuffle back, rock back

  • Rock back left – Rock forward right
  • Forward left-right-left
  • ½ turn back right-left-right
  • Rock back left – Rock forward right

17-24     lock step forward & tap, lock step back & step

  • Step forward left – Lock right behind
  • Step forward left – TAP right behind
  • Step back right – Lock left in front of right
  • Step back right – STEP left in front of right

25-32     back weave to left, then right

  • Tap right to right side – Cross right behind left
  • Step left – Cross right in front of left
  • Tap left to left side – Cross left behind right
  • Step right – Cross left in front of right

Hope this helps

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