Line Dance Confusion

Okay, I don’t mean the confusion between right and left feet :-), or even the confusion between a grapevine and a weave.

A problem we all run into is sorting out the names of the dances from the names of the many pieces of music that each dance can be done with.  I’ll admit I’m not too good at this.  I typically think of the name of the song I normally use as being the same as the name of the dance.  Not so.

In selecting video links, the problem gets even more confusing.  Many of the best views of the steps use different music than we use at the Mall Walk.  Sometimes I don’t even know what music is being used on the video.  Yet, I’m using song names for my video tags — the songs we typically use at the mall, not the songs on the videos, and also not the names of the dances.

Yikes.  Bear with me.  Video tags read: name of mall walk music (not video music) followed by name of dance from step sheet (if I have that).

Hope this helps.

Coordinator kristen

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